Why do you need a bookkeeper?

Is Nine Ledgers right for your business bookkeeping needs?

There are lots of reasons

Why You Need a Bookkeeper

Top 9 Reasons to Have A Bookkeeper


QuickBooks is more complicated than you thought


Save money by avoiding costly errors


Budget? What’s a budget?


Your business makes money, but you still struggle with monthly cash flow


Ability to analyze business performance to make profitable decisions


An independent, trusted advisor for valuable business perspective


You dread tax-time. And numbers!


Staying organized is easier with help


More time for you to focus on what you do best

What’s your reason for hiring a professional bookkeeper to manage your business financials?

Learn more about how Nine Ledgers LLC services has helped clients:


Maria is an e-Commerce client preparing to grow her busines. Via an online store, she sells goods and services that support sustainable living. The next step for her business is to lease space to meet rising customer demand. Nine Ledgers monthly reporting collated all the financial information she needs to confidently approach lenders and secure the resources that will take her business to the next level.


Alice was making lots of product sales but couldn’t understand how her end profit wasn’t higher. By closely examining and classifying her income and expenses, and valuing her products and fees of doing business, bookkeeping with Nine Ledgers uncovered that Alice was spending more on shipping than she was charging back to customers. After a quick adjustment, Alice’s profits were back on track.

Elementary School

A small private elementary school needed to budget for repaving their parking lot. Two critical variables were scheduling the work before the school year began and having enough cash to pay for the project outright. Bookkeeping with Nine Ledgers allowed the school to strategize and plan for the expense and afford it at just the right time.


A non-profit needed to examine the results of a fundraiser. Bookkeeping with Nine Ledgers created a mini set of event bookkeeping to review income, spending, ticket pricing, and return on investment for both live and silent auctions. The results of the review will help the organization to better budget for their next fundraiser.